Directions for RG500 Engine Removal

  1. Remove all bodywork except nose fairing and fender.
  2. Drain gear oil (both drain plugs 14mm and 17mm) and coolant.
  3. Remove the exhaust system.
  4. Remove the radiator and hoses.
  5. Remove the carb atmospheric vent hoses and bowl drain lines.
  6. Remove the chokes from the carbs (remember they are plastic and fragile).
  7. Remove the coils. Note the solid white wire goes on top.
  8. Remove the oil cable and place the retainer into the oil line to plug.
  9. Remove the carb tops and pull the cables and slides out of the engine bay.
  10. Disconnect the clutch cable from the motor and clear the engine bay with it.
  11. Loosen the chain and roll it off the rear sprocket to the inside toward the wheel.
  12. Remove the shifter assembly and the countershaft cover.
  13. Roll the chain off the countershaft sprocket toward the outside.
  14. Unplug the main wiring loom from the motor (lh frame rail near the radiator).
  15. Remove the power valve servo motor from the frame, unplug it and place it outboard of the frame on the rh side. Leave the cables attached.
  16. Remove the upper mounting bolt and upper rh side motor mount bracket.
  17. Remove the front motor mount and both lower fairing support brackets.
  18. Remove the lower motor mount.
  19. Straddle the chassis and grasp the motor by the left front and the kickstart lever.
  20. Lift up to clear the bottom mount tabs and rotate counter clockwise 90 dg.
  21. Take the motor out the right side backside first and lift up to make the cylinders horizontal to remove the motor. Set it down carefully so not to damage the water spigot on the bottom of the motor.
The carbs can be left on if you need them to be inspected for improper install or they can be removed beforehand.