RG500 Air Filter Instructions

Let's assume that the side fairings and belly pan are removed, the gas has been run out of the carbs and fuel lines and all stock airbox parts are off of the bike.
Tools required:
  • 10mm & 12mm open wrenches
  • 5mm allen
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Small nail or punch
  • Small hammer
  • Small 1/4" drive socket
  • Channel lock pliers
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • 6mm jet wrench, 1/8" vinyl hose
  • Flashlight
  • #2 Phillips tipped impact screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Rags

Part 1

  1. Remove the carbs from the bike.
  2. Leave the carb slides attached to the cables for now.
  3. Verify that the needles are all set at #2 clip from the top with the nylon washer underneath (stock setting).
  4. Remove the float bowls.
  5. Verify that the stock #25 pilot jets are in place.
  6. Change the main jets to the #240s supplied.
  7. To remove the float pin, first support the float pedestal around the nail head end of the float pin by resting it on a 1/4" drive socket. This allows the pin to fall freely through the socket when carefully tapped from the other end by a punch or nail and hammer. Remove the float and needle.
  8. Stand the carb on end. Using the impact, remove the screw and fork retaining the needle seat.
  9. Grip the needle seat with the pliers and pull out to remove it.
  10. Press in the new gas valve and replace the fork and screw (no impact is required).
  11. Replace the float and squeeze the float pin back in place with the channel locks.
  12. Press the pin in only far enough to clear the float bowl. Be careful! The float pedestals are fragile.
  13. With the gasket in place, adjust the float height to 17mm from the top of the float to the float bowl gasket.
  14. On the rear float bowls, clean the small brass choke pickup jets located in the bottom of the float bowls.
  15. Install the float bowls on their respective carbs.

Part 2

  1. Clean the insulators and O-rings with a rag.
  2. Remount the carbs with the insulator notches face up and all O-rings securely in their respective grooves.
  3. Check to see that all oil lines are mounted and not pinched (#1 carb oil line can be caught between the #3 carb float bowl and the magneto cover).
  4. Make sure that the gas filters are present in the rear carb fuel manifolds.
  5. When tightening the choke fittings, be aware that these are PLASTIC and require little torque.
  6. Replace the carb slides and tops.
  7. Set the air screws at 1.5 turns out to start.

Part 3

  1. Oil the filters lightly.
  2. Install the rear filters with the bodies angling downward to the rear and parallel to the top frame rails.
  3. Rotate the front filters until they rest against the rear flange area.
  4. Place the screw clamp head face up and to the rear for best clearance.
  5. RG500 Carb Sync instructions are presented here.
Install your fairing after a quick test ride to make sure that everything's fine.
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