TriPod RG500 Air Filter & LG3T RG500 Float Valves


rg500_air_filterThe TriPod RG500 Air Filter system delivers as much air as the carbs can ingest. It flows as well as open carbs. The new removable foam design is much easier to clean and service. The TriPod RG500 air filter delivers a host of improvements that translate to a more user-friendly experience. The new filter features washable and removable foam elements, soft rubber flanges and a staggering increase in still air volume. These features combine to make the TriPod the most advanced RG500 air filter system ever built.

The RG500 Air Filter Kit consists of:

  • 2 x RG500 Air Filter elements
  • 2 x Two Housings
  • 4 x LG3T High Flow Float Valves
  • 4 x your choice of 240 or 250 main jets

rg500_air_filter Complete instructions for installing LG RG500 air filters are presented here. When combined with the LG3T RG500 float valves and proper jets, optimum intake performance is assured. These low profile filters easily fit under the stock bodywork and allow ready access to the motor bay for spark plug changes. The all-stainless construction is impervious to the elements while offering a 15% weight savings when compared to the original Lance Gamma four seperate RG500 air filters setup.

rg500_air_filter The innovative LG3T ball type RG500 float valves regulate fuel delivery with superior flow and control. Precision machining with careful hand fitment and inspection ensure that the new Teflon enhanced LG3T ball valves really perform!

rg500_air_filter The new LG3T ball valves represent the pinnacle of fuel valve development and are a quantum leap forward compared to previous designs; having increased fuel flow and decreased sticking. Every critical dimension has been tweaked for optimum fit, flow and function and I’ve been very pleased with the results.

RG500 Air Filter Kit - $400 plus shipping

RG500 Air Filter Elements - $70/pair plus shipping

LG3T High Flow Float Valves - $210/set of four plus shipping.