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Home of RG500 Air Filters and Fine Tuning Products and Services. Quality is central to everything Lance Gamma does. We stand behind every engine we build and every part we sell. Our mods have been tested for many thousands of miles. Rest assured that you are getting the highest attention to detail and the finest quality service available.
Link to YouTube of Lance Gamma RG500 Clutch Update in action

This video demontrates the radical improvement in clutch disengagement delivered by the RG500 Clutch Upgrade Kit.

Link to RG500 Clutch Upgrade Kit

Introducing the first and only comprehensive Clutch Upgrade Kit for the RG500.   Comes complete with everything you need for outstanding (read - normal) clutch behavior from your Gamma.

Link to RG500 Strut

Lance Gamma RG500 Strut makes ride height adjustment a breeze

Link to RG500 Fuel Petcock Upgrade

Lance Gamma Supplemental Petcock gives you a reliable method of stopping fuel flow when the bike is parked

Link to TriPod RG500 Air Filter

Here is the best intake system for the Gamma. Expect the best from the company that brought you the first RG500 air filter kit in 1987. Introducing the new Lance Gamma TriPod RG500 Air Filter system and LG3T RG500 Float Valves. The TriPod delivers as much air as the carbs can digest.

Link to RG500 Rearsets

RG 500 Rearsets Now available